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Capitalism is a meta-theoretical dialectics in the discourse of Marxism. Karl Marx, the founding father of the ideological tradition was critical of capitalism and contradiction in European countries. Africa was the turning point of call for the industrialized societies and exodus of healthy men for slave trade. Cheap labour was found in Africa for the gains of European and American capitalists to facilitate rapid growth. The working class is socially defined as low self-esteem and inferior to compete for management position. Middle class is socially constructed as White skinned colour, supreme and intelligent to compete for management position and high self-esteem. capitalism is a classification of two worlds, the core and periphery. The core dominates mainstream society and perpetuate norm of supremacy which is internalized from generation to another and perpetual. The rise of capitalism in the West was collective thoughts to dominate Africa and exploit resources in the continent. It would be impossible for only Britain to invade Africa without economic interest of and support from other European nations like France, Spain and Portugal and so on. Therefore, revolution against racism should be collective thoughts of Africa to defeat the socially constructed culture of racial capitalism.

Capitalism, racism, Marxism, Africa

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