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The variability assessed in red rot resistant somaclones of sugarcane genotype S97US297 in R1 and R2 generations was aimed to investigate. Somaclonal variation provides an alternate to generate variability in the existing genotypes. Fifteen red rot resistant entries (somaclones) selected from R0 generation were studied in R1 and R2 generations in three replications using randomized complete block design (RCBD). The analysis of variance and different genetic parameters were calculated. Cluster analysis was done using Ward’s method. The somaclones showed highly significant difference in all the agronomic and quality traits except pol and purity in R1 generation. Whereas in R2 generation significant and highly significant differences were observed in all the parameters studied. A wider variation was observed in all the characters especially in morphological traits. Variance computed in the table indicated that maximum variation was found for leaf area, plant height, cane height, number of millable canes and cane yield. The genotypic variances for the said characters were 897.34, 142.23, 87.58, 75.65 and 59.57 respectively. Genotypic variance followed the same trend as of phenotypic variance for all the characters. High genotypic coefficient of variability as well as phenotypic coefficient of variability percentage was observed for number of internodes, number of millable canes, cane yield and cane weight. Heritability estimates in broad sense were relatively high for almost all the traits studied especially cane thickness, number of millable canes, cane yield, cane weight and leaf area in R1 generation whereas in R2 generation only plant height, number of internodes and leaf area showed high heritability. Two years studies authenticate that these are the somaclones which are on the basis of parameters studied close to each other and with the parent; however somaclones are resistant to red rot and parent is susceptible to red rot disease.

Sugarcane, somaclonal variation, heritability, genotypic, phenotypic

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