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A field experiment was conducted during the fall season of 2020 on the field of Agriculture collage / Field Crops Department - Wasit University, to determine the role of using different irrigation methods under the conservation agriculture system on reducing water consumption and improving the efficiency of water use for mung bean crop (Vigna radiate L.). The depth of water irrigation and date irrigations were selected depending on the depletion of soil moisture and depth of the root.  The results showed that the actual water consumption of mung bean crop varied according to the irrigation method. The highest water consumption was recorded in the treatment of surface irrigation during the season with 372.66 mm season-1. While the sprinkler irrigation treatment recorded 312 mm season-1 while the lowest water consumption was in the drip irrigation treatments with 228.8 mm season-1.  The surface irrigation treatment recorded the lowest efficiency in water use (0.67 kg m-3), while the drip irrigation treatment recorded the highest efficiency in water use (0.84 kg m-3). Wheat residue as mulch zero tillage (MZT) treatment recorded the highest efficiency of water use of crop (0.77 kg m-3), while the zero tillage treatment (ZT) recorded the lowest efficiency of water use (0.62 kg m-3). Surface irrigation treatment achieved the highest growth indicators such as plant height, number of branches and leaf area index, while the sprinkler irrigation treatment showed the highest content of chlorophyll. The treatments of mulching with wheat residues outperformed the other treatments in most growth characteristics such as plant height, leaf area index and chlorophyll content, which were reflected in achieving the highest biological yield (9.30 tons ha-1).

Conservation tillage, Irrigation, Mung bean, WUE.

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