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A field experiment was conducted at two sites; (i) Farm of Tag El-Ezz (Dakahlia governorate) and (ii) Nubaria (Behera governorate), Agricultural Research Station, Egypt during the 2020 summer season to study the possibility of using compost and vermicompost as partial substitutes of mineral nitrogen (N) fertilizers used in maize production. The experimental design was a randomized complete block design with four replications. Data indicated that application of organic fertilizers with mineral N increased plant growth compared with mineral nitrogen. Growth parameters, chlorophyll contents, yield, yield components, NPK ,oil and protein % were increased significantly and gave the highest values with vermicompost at 1.8 ton ha-1 plus 80 % N ha.-1  compared with 100% N.

Vermicompost, compost, growth, yield, NPK%, soil fertility, maize

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