CATTLE FEED PROTEIN EXTRACTION FROM Vigna unguriculata (L.) Walp. AND Cicer arietinum L.

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Single cell proteins (SCPs) are rich essential in nutritive amino acids, the building blocks of protein are highly essential for the maintenance of the living system. SCPs are used as animal feed and dietary rich food for humans. Many raw materials are used for the production of Single-Cell Proteins (SCP)The present work was carried out to extract a single cell protein from yeast using Vigna unguriculata (L.) Walp. and Cicer arietinum L. substrate. The maximum yield of crude protein was observed in 15 days of fermentation.

Single cell protein, nitrogen, carbon, fermentation.

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ANBUSELVI, S., REBECCA, J., SHARMILA, L., & PAUL, S. M. (2020). CATTLE FEED PROTEIN EXTRACTION FROM Vigna unguriculata (L.) Walp. AND Cicer arietinum L. PLANT CELL BIOTECHNOLOGY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, 21(7-8), 10-12. Retrieved from
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