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The world is facing new pandemic situation due to corona disease infection and adverse effects on whole world as well as on human daily life. The (COVID-19) i.e. the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) responsible for corona disease. In December 2019, several patients from Wuhan, China were admitted with symptoms of pneumonia. After a few weeks, it spread to the many parts of China and a later to other countries of the world causes corona disease. This virus is supposed to get transferred from bat to human and afterward infected human to healthy human in it’s periphery which caused respiratory-related diseases. As this virus is found for very initial time, so no specific medicine is available for such infection; Hence, on the basis of prior symptoms and observations WHO prepared circulated advisory for precautionary measures needed to prevent the contamination and spreading of the disease. Due to most of the countries are affected by COVID-19, it is not only affected humans globally but also affected each and every aspect of life on earth such as science and technology, religion, educational disruption, the lockdown of most of the countries, financial markets, global economy, entertainment industries, unemployment, transportation, global tourism etc.

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SHIRSATH, N. B., & PATIL, R. S. (2021). A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW ON NOVEL CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): KEYS TO ORIGIN, SYMPTOMS, AND PRECAUTIONS. Journal of Medicine and Health Research, 6(2), 17-23. Retrieved from https://www.ikprress.org/index.php/JOMAHR/article/view/6974
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