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Abnormalities in the differentiation of dental lamina and tooth germ or abnormalities in the formation of dental hard tissue leads to dental anomalies. Detection of dental anomalies is important for a good clinician. Successful treatment of an endodontically involved tooth in esthetic zone is a great challenge especially when there is developmental alteration in the tooth shapes.

In the present case report, a 29 year old male patient reported with chief complain of pain in relation to maxillary central incisors which were abnormally large in size mesiodistally suggestive of bilateral double tooth (a rare developmental anomaly). Endodontically treating the teeth and restoring the teeth with composite gave good results along with patient satisfaction.

Developmental anomaly, Fusion, Gemination, Obturation

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DUTTA, A., LODHA, R. V., AGARWAL, S., CHATTOPADHYAY, S., ARORA, R., & NAIR, V. (2021). ENDODONTIC MANAGEMENT OF BILATERAL DOUBLE TEETH (A RARE ANOMALY): A CASE REPORT. Journal of Case Reports in Medical Science, 7(2), 1-6. Retrieved from https://www.ikprress.org/index.php/JOCRIMS/article/view/6615
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