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Since its first detection, Corona virus has been affecting the humans at its worst. The pandemic has been an enormous challenge for health systems all around the world, affecting health and wealth of every individual. Millions of lives have been lost to this pandemic and still more lives are being claimed. Without a perfect way to stop this pandemic, the earth is facing destructions in different forms.

Corona Virus, the successful effect, which could pause the biggest activity of a very wealthy company, originated from Wuhan, China in 2019 for the very first time. The very virus gave spiteful jerk in every citizen of earth. People realized the importance of health despite the bulky wealth. Latest update of 18th July 2021 covid cases record 190,922.094: Deaths 4,101,605 and the recovered 173,936,256. The virus initially only circulated around China and unfortunately the spread went worldwide. People prioritized home stay than hanging out. The severe problem arose in the field of environment, economy and the health of the common man.

The major impact seen is in environment. As the basic need, are extracted from environment, like for construction, dumping of waste and so on. Every country started adopting their own ways of tackling the disease. They started constructing buildings for the quarantine facilities and also for providing homes for many incomers from other countries. In a day, environment has badly punished. The face masked were carelessly dumped, the test kits and many equipment’s are found in and around the dumping areas. People started being selfish. They did not care for the mother earth anymore, instead investing for the personal benefits. The Covid affected adversely on the economy of the country. As the disease was spread the head of the state got pressurised. To prevent from the positive cases, government instructed the citizens to stay at home and their works and jobs remained shut. For this case too government had to provide the alternatives which drastically pulled down the economy. All the goods to be imported are costing high amount and the government got to shoulder the loss. People enjoyed being at home but the leaders are tirelessly managing the system. The medical facilities for the positive cases cost too much and the contact cases too needed to be tested which were all waste. All the hard-earned money is squandered and the exports got totally banned in some of the countries. Small and developing countries are having tough time to fight against covid-19 which is likely to lose independency as no economy to hold the people.


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