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This study investigates the moderating influence of Ghanaian national culture on the relationship between corporate governance compliance and profitability of Medium Scale Enterprises. It is an exploratory parametric research and collected data from 1010 with the aid of structured questionnaire. The study applied purposeful sampling technique, and anchored on stakeholder and institution theoretical frameworks. The study reveals that: (vii) Ghanaian national culture has 47% statistical significant moderating positive effect on the relationship between corporate governance compliance and the profitability of medium scale enterprises in Ghana; and (viii) Ghanaian national culture did not significantly moderate the relationship between compliance to shareholders rights, compliance to board responsibility, compliance to equitable treatment of stakeholders, compliance to transparent disclosure, and the profitability of medium scale enterprises in Ghana. This study would add to existing literature on corporate governance practices in developing countries; guide policymakers in their efforts to developing or revising principles of corporate governance practices for the Medium Scale Enterprises; and contribute to the progress of enhancing public understanding of corporate governance principles in general and that of Medium Scale Enterprises in particular

Ghana, governance compliance, medium scale enterprises, national culture, profitability.

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